Pottery workshops

If you are looking for an exciting opportunity to create and forget about everything else, come and join my pottery workshop. 
Working with clay has a positive effect, calms us down and teaches us concentration. It develops imagination, manual skills, creative expression, and is also great fun.
 During the classes, you will learn about the specificity of different types of clay. Then learn to make and decorate ceramics.  
 The topics of classes are adapted to manual abilities of every one .
 You will have the opportunity to make: cups, bowls, festive decorations, animals, etc. 
 The work after the workshop belongs to you.
ON your first workshop you will learn basic skills of pottery, complete at least two items, a plate and a bowl in two different techniques. In the second workshop you will glaze your pieces and start a new subject.
If you are coming a second time please prepare a subject of your choice to make, so that you don't wast valuable time to think what you want to make.
However if you don't have an idea I'm always here to help. 
1 workshop Coast 30€
The workshop's are in English and Polish 
In order to sign up for workshop’s , please contact me via whatsapp or e-mail or a private message on instagram
There's a limited number of participants available so please book your spot.
I'm also happy to come to a comunity centre or schools to do the workshops. 
Augsburger Straße 19
 82291 Mammendorf